Would Trump's executive order make better, cheaper health care? Only kind of

Oct 12, 2017

Today, when the president signed an executive order expanding coverage options outside of the Obamacare marketplaces, he promised that the order would create more insurance options at "lower prices, and for millions of Americans."  

Actually, the order is asking federal agencies to broaden the use of short-term insurance options, which aren't beholden to the coverage requirements under Obamacare, and to expand association health plans. These are health plans created by like-minded businesses who basically create their own insurance pools, independent of the Obamacare marketplaces. 

While we're still a ways off from seeing the repercussions of the president's order, Marketplace's Adriene Hill decided to check in with Sarah Kliff, the senior policy correspondent at Vox and host of the podcast "The Impact." She asked Kliff if, indeed, this executive order would create cheaper, better insurance options for "millions of Americans."

According to Kliff, the answer is: only kind of. And not for sick people or folks with pre-existing conditions.

To hear the full interview, use the media player above.