Website Woes Continue for Health Insurance Exchange

Oct 31, 2013

While some Democratic members of Congress have criticized the unsuccessful rollout of the federal health insurance exchange website, others disagree.

Calls to delay some of the requirements of the Affordable Act Care escalated when Democratic New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen wrote an open letter to President Obama after the website’s problems emerged.

But several members of Virginia's congressional delegation say they are too quick to ask for a delay in its implementation.

Shaheen’s letter asked the administration to push back the enrollment deadline and penalty for those who are still uninsured.  But 3rd District Congressman Bobby Scott disagrees.  He says as long as the website is fixed before the December 15th deadline for coverage by January, then there's no need for delays. He adds that if the website still doesn’t work then, common sense would dictate considering alternatives. He warns, though, that doing so could pose a problem for those who successfully enrolled.
Senator Tim Kaine says we need to examine whether extending the enrollment period would have adverse effects on the insurance market, thereby undercutting enrollment and weakening the law.  A spokesman for Senator Mark Warner says it doesn't need to be decided now since the site is supposed to be fixed by mid-November, and most enrollment isn't expected until December and January.