Visiting Former Governor Doug Wilder's Classroom

Sep 10, 2013

Virginia's gubernatorial candidates don't agree on much and when invited to various forums, they speak at different times.

But during a candidates' visit to the Virginia Commonwealth University class of former Governor Douglas Wilder, they both agreed on a matter that has been a sticking point for current Governor Bob McDonnell. 

Neither GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli nor Democrat Terry McAuliffe would sign off on McDonnell's education reform package that would allow the state to take over failing schools.

 During the visit, Cuccinelli spoke of his education proposals, and while he does support "school choice" he does not support the law passed by the General Assembly.
 But McAuliffe, who does believe education reforms are needed, does not like the new school ratings system. He suggests putting together a team to discuss best practices and fixing the underperforming schools. Cuccinelli also unveiled a higher ed reform package, including locking in rates for four years for incoming college freshman.