Virginia's Annual Tornado Drill Set For Tomorrow

Mar 20, 2017

Credit Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Virginia’s annual state-wide tornado drill is quickly approaching. Nick Gilmore recently got some details about the drill and filed this report.

March is Severe Weather Preparedness month, and Virginia annually participates by conducting a state-wide tornado drill.

Jeff Caldwell with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management explains the process.

“The National Weather Service will issue a notification that will run on National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, weather radios. This will simulate what people would hear or see during an actual tornado warning. Local radio stations, TV stations and cable outlets will broadcast the test message via the Emergency Alert System.”

Caldwell says that necessary precautions need to be taken due to the fact that tornadoes can occur anywhere.

“There are other states like those in Tornado Alley that see more outbreaks of tornadoes every year, but here in Virginia we’re not immune to tornado threats. In an average year, Virginia receives about 16 tornadoes each year, and actually a year ago in February, on February 24th of 2016, Virginia was hit by the deadliest tornado event ever since 1959.”

Virginia’s drill is set to take place tomorrow morning at 9:45.

You can find information on how to participate and develop a tornado preparedness plan here