Virginia Lawmakers Weigh in on Budget Woes

Mar 1, 2013

Officials in Virginia are bracing for the impact of the federal budget cuts that start trickling down. Lawmakers in the commonwealth disagree about what should be done with the sequestration.

So now they’re dealing with the fallout: cuts to education, housing, healthcare, conservation programs – the list is seemingly endless. Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine says many federal workers and contractors in the commonwealth will feel those cuts directly.

“In Virginia alone, one state, 90,000 individuals beginning at the end of March, early April, will face the beginnings of furloughs one day a week for up to 22 weeks, 90,000 individuals. There aren’t many towns and cities in Virginia that have more than 90,000 people and yet we would take all those people and put their economic livelihood at risk for the foreseeable future as we try to figure this out," said Kaine.