Virginia Lawmakers Pass State Budget

Feb 26, 2015

No post session per diems, last-minute deals, and burning of the midnight oil this year. While the votes were not unanimous, Senate and House lawmakers have passed a state budget that includes pay raises for state employees, college faculty, state police, and teachers.

House Minority Leader David Toscano argued that law enforcement, school faculty, and other employees are still without the support they need.

"The budget doesn't go far enough, but it is a process and we'll continue to make it---push to make it better, not just this year, but in years ahead."

But Delegate Steve Landes said it took much compromise to come this far so quickly, which he does not recall ever happening.

So that you have had the 48 hours to actually see what's in this conference committee report and more importantly ask the questions and have the chance to really find out what you're voting on."

The plan adds $60 million  in public school funds to the governor’s proposal, increases higher ed funding by $42-million, and restores $30-million in cuts to local governments.