The Virginia Indians: Meet The Tribes

Dec 1, 2013

With the relatives gone, and the turkey and leftovers digested, this might be a good time to kick back and catch a video.

One new release is short, free, downloadable, entertaining, informative, and all about your neighbors in the Commonwealth.  "The Virginia Indians: Meet the Tribes" video is not only a new classroom resource that's making the rounds, but it could also inspire some outdoor event planning.

Some say the video is long overdue. In just 25 minutes its narrator, Chickahominy Tribe member Kennan Stewart, enlightens the audience on the culture and history of the 11 state-recognized Virginia tribes. The chief of each tribe also discusses how they've integrated into society while maintaining its heritage, as well as the roles they’ve played throughout history and into today. And it's not just a video. Virginia Department of Education History Specialist Betsy Barton says viewers can navigate through the website to learn more about the tribes.
"There are a lot of--their images, there's history, there are links to additional resources, links to lesson plans, primary sources, and contacts to each of the 11 state recognized tribes," says Barton.
There's also an activity book for students to pair with the video. Barton notes that one goal is to take the lesson beyond those images and pique the viewers' interest enough to want to attend the PowWows hosted by each tribe. The initiative has even garnered the attention of a national Native American publication, which is spotlighting the video.

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