VA Lawmakers On Both Sides of the Debt Deal

Oct 17, 2013

Virginia lawmakers split their votes last evening on the deal to open the government and avoid a potential default.

Even in the face of a potential default, Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith says he just couldn’t support the compromise.

“I campaigned on not voting to raise the debt ceiling unless there were some significant changes in the law that would help the United States of America, and particularly the 9th District of Virginia.”

But Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner says the gridlock on display the last couple weeks will have a lasting impact.

“As a former governor of the state of Virginia where we kept our AAA bond rating, you don’t get back your reputation overnight by simply saying, “Oops, never mind.” We will be paying the price for these kind of tactics for months or maybe years to come.”

The last minute deal sets up a new bipartisan committee tasked with finding a solution to the budget impasse by December, which both sides are hoping can avert another shutdown in the coming months.