Two People Charged in Connection with Quick Disappearance

Feb 6, 2014

Police have arrested two people from Albemarle County in connection with the disappearance of a 45-year-old Nelson County man on Friday .  

Kevin Quick left his mother’s home in Afton to visit a friend, but he did not arrive.  Now, State Police Spokeswoman Corinne Geller says his car was caught on a bank security camera the night he went missing.

“The ATM machine at a bank in Fork Union, Virginia captured two individuals and Kevin Quick’s 1999 Silver Toyota Forerunner.  Then Saturday night at around 11:30 p.m., same two subjects, same vehicle were spotted at an ATM at a bank located in Manassas, Virginia – up in Northern Virginia.  Sunday night that vehicle has been connected to an armed robbery and a shooting that occurred at a Louisa County residence.  Monday morning, the Toyota Forerunner is discovered by a resident in Louisa County.”  

On Tuesday night, police arrested two people at a hotel in Alexandria – a sister and brother.

“20-year-old Mersaides Shelton and 18-year-old Daniel Mathis have been charged with one felony count each of grand larceny, and that’s in connection with the vehicle that belongs to Kevin Quick.”  

Daniel Mathis faces charges in connection with the Louisa County shooting. Another sister, 24-year-old Shantai  Shelton, was also arrested and charged with two unrelated misdemeanors.    The suspects have been questioned, but police won’t say what they’ve learned.  They do say, however, that the search for Kevin Quick continues, and a reward for information leading to him has now increased to $30,000.