Travel Food

Mar 25, 2013

My husband and I went on a little road trip recently.

I planned ahead to have some meals and snacks on hand. You can't simply eat pretzels and pickles from gas stations the whole time - unless that's your idea of a good vacation.

Oddly enough, this information also served us well when we returned from our trip. We had one night of relaxation with electricity at home before that storm blew through and knocked out our power for five days. 

So let me share some of the items that we traveled with and also enjoyed a bit during the power outage. 

-Apples with peanut butter 
-Pistachios in the shell
-Shelf stable almond milk with Kashi cereal. (Of course, all four servings of almond milk needed to be consumed in a few hours or so).
- Tamari flavored (or plain) roasted pumpkin seeds
- Bananas (eaten early on before they completely turned brown)
- Larabars (ones without chocolate chips don't get melty or mushy)
- Primal brand vegan jerky
- We only had room for a small cooler in the car, but in it, I had my coconut milk coffee creamer, cucumber and carrots.
- We also made spicy bean wraps twice:
   - One can black bean refried beans (Bearitos brand)
   - Four tortillas/wraps
   - One avocado
   - One lime
   - Hot sauce

Directions: simply spread the beans equally among the four tortillas, and then do the same with the avocado.  Spritz each with some lime juice, hit each with some hot sauce before rolling them into wraps.