State Employees See Insurance Changes

May 21, 2013

Tens of thousands of state employees will likely see an increase in the cost of their health insurance plans. 

They also face a deadline this week,  as the Commonwealth begins to implement significant changes in its health insurance plans. 

Open enrollment for revising health benefits, investing in flexible spending accounts, adding family members, and other options ends this Friday.

 Audio FileVirginia Public Radio’s Anne Marie Morgan reports, reductions in premiums could await those who enroll in a new Wellness Engine called “MyActiveHealth.”Edit | Remove

The plans offer free annual wellness check-ups that stress prevention and healthier lifestyles. Options include various expanded dental and vision benefits and even high-deductible, low-premium plans. 

State Human Resources Management Director Sara Wilson told lawmakers that the first step is to choose a plan with the help of an on-line interactive tool called ALEX.  “It will also ask you a few basic questions and then it will make a recommendation to you on which plan to select.  So it’s a decision assistant.”
Wilson said the next step is to log on or create an account on the “MyActiveHealth” website, where those who complete a very brief on-line Health Assessment Survey by Friday will be rewarded with a discount.

“This is where we will do disease management. And the premium reduction—if you take your health risk assessment—you will get $17 a-month premium reduction.  And if your spouse takes the health risk assessment, that’s another $17  premium reduction.”

And the lower premiums will continue for those who complete biometric screenings between August 1st and the end of October.