The Sarvis for Senate Campaign

Apr 17, 2014

Robert Sarvis

While he didn't win the Virginia gubernatorial race last year, Libertarian Robert Sarvis pulled more than 6% of the vote—which is impressive for a third-party candidate--and enough for some to argue that he siphoned votes away from former Virginia GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Now, fresh off that campaign, Sarvis is really trying to pull an upset and win the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Mark Warner.


Sarvis says he's not delusional and knows the odds are against him, but he’s counting on voters who are tired of the two-party system.

He says both major parties have been playing the same unproductive political games in Washington for too long.

Sarvis is trying to gather enough petition signatures to get on the ballot. He hopes that the debate-hosting organizations realize that voters DO want to hear views that differ from what the political machines say every election cycle.