Richmond Sets Ambitious Environmental Goals

Apr 26, 2017


Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney speaking at a rally at the Capitol in January. Stoney is pushing a plan to reduce the city's carbon emissions.
Credit Steve Helber / AP


Virginia’s capital city is looking to become energy efficient. Richmond’s mayor is pushing a new proposal to drastically cut carbon emissions. But, as Mallory Noe-Payne reports, details on how that will be accomplished are limited.


Specifics are in short supply, but the plan does have a name: “RVA Green 2050.”

The city has already taken steps to limit energy use in obvious ways; like adding new HVAC systems and energy-efficient lighting in city buildings.

But Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney wants to take things to the next step, developing a plan to reduce the city’s carbon emissions 80-percent by 2050.

“Is it audacious? Yes. 2050’s a long ways away. I will not be mayor in 2050, but I think it’s the right direction the city should be moving towards,” said Stoney during a forum hosted by the Richmond Times Dispatch. “And my job as mayor is to set out those audacious goals.”

Cities across the country have set similarly ambitious goals. For instance, Boulder, Colorado.


They’ve gone so far as to tax energy use in homes and businesses, which they've done now for ten years.