Preventing School Tragedies

Dec 12, 2013

Credit Office of the Governor

Governor McDonnell has left a somber message with hundreds of high school students about their roles in preventing tragedies such as the Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech shootings.  

He also said he believes there could be a correlation between students who may seem socially inept in their teen years and those who pose risks to society later. 

That's one reason why he's asking students to be mindful of their surroundings and vigilant in their day-to-day activities.


McDonnell spoke to students at Mills Godwin High School during Campus Safety Week.  He told them they're not being "tattletales" when they report another student who is saying or planning something malicious. He says as lawmakers craft more legislation to make schools and universities safer, student input is essential
As the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings approach, McDonnell is calling on Virginians to reflect, especially after the Virginia Tech tragedy and more recently, the stabbing of Senator Creigh Deeds by his mentally ill son.  Virginia has implemented a number of safety-related changes since last year, including requiring more school drills to practice how to handle emergencies.