Pittsylvania County Moonshine Bust

Jun 18, 2013

Law enforcement officials say a moonshine bust near Danville this week should result in multiple felony and misdemeanor indictments for a man caught with 339 gallons of illegal whiskey and 18 weapons.

It was part of a joint four-month investigation between the State’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

The moonshine was found in the home of 63-year-old Ronald Bray, and was packaged in clear one-gallon containers similar to milk jugs.  The firearms in his home were mainly rifles and shotguns.

Here's the text of the full VA ABC news release:

After a four-month investigation, ABC special agents obtained a warrant to search the residence of Ronald Wayne Bray, 63, of the 3400 block of Horseshoe Road near Danville yesterday.  With assistance from local deputies, special agents seized 339 gallons of moonshine, 18 weapons and $617 in cash from Bray’s ranch in a rural neighborhood.

“Moonshine isn’t limited to the back woods,” said ABC’s Special Agent in Charge Kyle Blanks. “We’ll continue to follow up on illegal whiskey leads wherever they take us in the commonwealth.”

“The bust was the direct result of information received by our agents,” he said. “Our undercover operatives made numerous buys during the past several months, culminating in today’s enforcement activity.”

The moonshine was packaged in clear one-gallon containers with blue tops, similar to milk jugs.  The firearms in Bray’s residence were mainly rifles and shotguns. 

Pending discussions with the commonwealth’s attorney, criminal indictments will be sought against Bray for one count of maintaining a common nuisance, four counts of sale of alcohol without a license, four counts of possession of untaxed liquor, four counts of unlawful sale of alcohol within 100 yards of a dangerous weapon.  All are Class 1 misdemeanors with the exception of the firearms charges, which are a Class 6 felony.