The Pendulum Swings in the Race for AG

Nov 12, 2013

One week after Election Day, there is still no clear winner in the state race for Attorney General. It is still a very fluctuating match.


Things can change quickly in ANY race, and that is certainly no exception in the race for Virginia’s next Attorney General, between Republican Mark Obenshain and Democrat Mark Herring.

The tight contest has an all-important canvass underway, and just yesterday, Obenshain led with just 17 votes. But, results have shifted and the new numbers show Herring now leading by more than 100 votes. That’s according to the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

The new votes appear to derive from a single voting machine from one Richmond precinct that went unaccounted on election night. This is just one of the several human and technical errors that have persisted in the state, particularly in Richmond and Fairfax County.

Registrars have until 6 this evening to submit final numbers to the Board of Elections. If the margin of victory is less than 1 percent, the loser can request a recount, once the votes are certified by the SBE later this month.

If  there is a recount, a winner would not be determined until December.