NRV Cellist Heads to London's Royal Academy of Music

Mar 27, 2013

It’s said the cello is the instrument which sounds most like the human voice.  That may be why it resonates for some, like no other.

A young woman from Giles County is one of only six people outside Great Britain to have been accepted at the Royal College of Music in London to study cello next year.

Miriam Liske-Doorandish has been playing the instrument virtually all her life.  Her mother is Lisa Liske-Doorandish, the former principal cellist in the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. She still runs a studio, gives lessons and still plays for Opera Roanoke.

At only 18, Miriam has already traveled with her cello around the US and Europe, working with teachers, mentors and other musicians

“The most important thing for me about playing music is not just the art itself but the connections with other people that play music that allows and encourages so playing music you meet interesting people. Going and jamming on the streets with other people is incredibly gratifying and going and finding a new group of musicians who you don’t know anything about and listening to them and joining in, it’s a ticket in a way.”

Her scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music is not a free ride.  She must raise half the money herself.  To do that, she’s entering contests, winning prizes, playing gigs, and she’s set up a web site for contributions, all in the name of raising the money for her part of the tuition by the end of April.

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