New Laws Part 5

Jul 4, 2014

As Virginians celebrate American independence this weekend, many can't help but think about our veterans past and present—as well as the rights and nation that they have defended.  So as we continue our series on new state laws that just took effect, One directly impacts affects those who have served overseas … another that addresses state energy resources … and a third that affects the Commonwealth’s democratic process.

Senator Bryce Reeves says he was disappointed to learn that combat veterans' service animals did not have the same access as those that serve the blind- and hearing-impaired. That motivated him to sponsor a new law to include service dogs trained to assist veterans who are mobility-impaired OR suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Another new law sponsored by Reeves allows the state to set up a 50-million-dollar Offshore Energy Emergency Response Fund.  Other laws that Virginians should be aware of will impact them at the polls. Voters now must present a valid photo ID at their precincts. Acceptable forms include a driver's license, an employee or student ID, a U.S. passport, and the newly available, free Virginia Voter Photo ID Card.