Nelson County Residents Receive Update on Pipeline Proposal

Aug 13, 2014

Residents in Nelson County have been pressing Dominion Resources for information about a potential natural-gas pipeline slated to run through the county – and The Daily Progress reports that a Dominion spokesperson did provide some answers in a public meeting yesterday. 




Nelson County locals arrived to the meeting sporting signs of pipeline protest, one reading “this land is our land.” Several participating stated their disdain for the project because it is proposed to run through private and residential land in the county – and Dominion officials revealed the project will most likely affect 225 parcels of Nelson County land all together. When completed, the pipeline would be 3-5 feet underground and would require a 75-foot maintenance right-of-way. About ¼ of landowners in the proposed pipeline area have allowed Dominion to survey their property.


Officials also say the pipeline will boost the availability of natural gas for power generating in the commonwealth. The pipeline is planned to originate in West Virginia and run 550 miles down through Buckingham County into North Carolina. 35 miles would run through Nelson County.  If the project continues as proposed, officials estimate it could be in service by 2018.  


Sandy Hausman has a more thorough report on the efforts of Nelson County locals to combat the pipeline.