Mark Herring is Virginia's Next Attorney General

Dec 19, 2013

The election and recount behind him, Attorney General-elect Mark Herring is for the first time officially able to set the stage for how he will run that office.  During a media briefing late Wednesday, Herring thanked Senator Mark Obenshain for his gracious concession, discussed how he plans to work with Obenshain and other lawmakers, and gave reassurances that he will keep his campaign promises.

Herring says issues such as fighting for equal rights for women and gays will remain high on his agenda. Regarding the special elections to fill the vacancies of his Senate seat and that of Lieutenant Governor-elect Ralph Northam, he's looking forward to helping Democrats retain those seats. Herring is not resigning until January—but he will word his resignation letter in a way that will allow the Governor to announce a special election without leaving a vacancy during the General Assembly session. As for transitioning into the A-G's office, Herring says he has spoken with current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is assisting him with the process. But Herring would not commit to whether he will retain some of the current staff members there.

Herring did not say much about being the first Democrat elected to that post in more than 20 years. But he says the fact that Democrats swept the statewide races indicates that voters want what he calls more "mainstream" leadership.