Marine Safety is a Concern for the Chesapeake Bay Following Dead Whale Sightings

Dec 15, 2016

Several sightings of a dead whale in Virginia waters of the Chesapeake Bay have been reported since last weekend. Because it's on the move the Virginia Aquarium has been unable to locate it.


Late Saturday morning the Coast Guard received a call about a dead whale in the shipping lane from a pilot escorting a ship to Baltimore. The Coast Guard issued a 24-hour marine safety warning. Coast Guard spokesman Nate Littlejohn said the whale disappeared but was spotted again Wednesday afternoon.

The Virginia Aquarium's Stranding Team
Credit Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center


“This time approximately two miles north of a place called Windmill Point.”


Until someone can stay with the whale or it beaches, the Virginia Aquarium can't send out their stranding team. The Coast Guard will continue to issue marine safety warnings as reports come in. And there was some good news:


“We did receive a report of a live right whale at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay today as well.”