Joint Appearance by VA Gubernatorial Candidates

May 31, 2013

Forget the indirect campaign ads produced by PACs.  Virginia's two leading gubernatorial candidates took to the same stage yesterday to let their opponents know exactly where they stand. And while audience members at the Virginia Public Access Project luncheon were leaving, Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe were even more candid with the media in attendance.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli (left) and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Both men talked about transparency and open government while on stage, and Cuccinelli again challenged McAuliffe to 15 statewide debates.  McAuliffe failed to respond-on stage-but when reporters asked him about it later, he said he's NOT buying into it:
Anchor:  Cuccinelli said failure to debate across the state so that Virginians in all regions can benefit is inexcusable:
Anchor Tag:  McAuliffe also said he's been forthcoming in releasing six summary pages of tax returns from the last three years.  But he adds that the Attorney General is guilty of an oversight when he initially forgot to report investments in troubled supplement-maker Star Scientific.  Cuccinelli’s campaign also asked what McAuliffe is hiding-and said otherwise, he should not be hesitant to disclose his entire tax returns for eight years, as the Attorney General did.