How Virginia's Representatives Voted on AHCA

May 4, 2017

The American Health Care Act, the Republican measure aimed at undoing provisions within the Affordable Care Act, passed the House of Representatives today by a narrow vote of 217-213. 

Here's how Virginia's lawmakers voted.

1st District Representative Rob Whittman - Republican

Wittman represents much of Eastern Virginia, including the Northern Neck area. He did not support the first ACA overhaul, and voted YES today. 

2nd District Representative Scott Taylor - Republican 

Taylor represents the Virginia Beach area as well as the Eastern Shore. He supported the first measure and voted 'Yes' today.

3rd District Representative Bobby Scott - Democrat

Scott serves areas east of Richmond to the Hampton Roads region. He did not support either measure. 

4th District Representative Donald McEachin - Democrat

McEachin serves the southern and western suburbs of Richmond south to the North Carolina state line. He also did not support either measure.

5th District Representative Tom Garrett - Republican

Garrett was a solid 'no' the first time the Affordable Health Care Act was up for debate in the house, but switched sides this time. He defended his decision on MSNBC this morning, talking about his mom: "She was diagnosed with terminal cancer 30 years ago, that the ability to innovate, to let companies earn a profit, to incentivize medical innovations saved my mom’s life.”  

Garrett's full interview on MSNBC is below: 

6th District Representative Bob Goodlatte - Republican

Goodlatte, who serves southwest Virginia, supported both overhauls. He applauded today's passage in a statement on his website - one paragraph here:

“The status quo cannot continue when we know that we as a nation can do better. I told my constituents that I would stand for them to repeal Obamacare, and I intend to keep that promise. Passing the American Health Care Act is the first step in repealing Obamacare and ensuring Americans have access to affordable health care.”

7th District Representative Dave Brat - Republican

Dave Brat, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, is one member who changed his mind - he was a staunch 'No' on the last vote. He says he’s worried about rising premium costs under the Affordable Care Act. 

8th District Representative Don Beyer - Democrat

Beyer, who represents Arlington County and portions of Fairfax County, has voted 'No' both times. 

9th District Representative Morgan Griffith - Republican

Griffith, who, along with Rep. Brat, is also a member of the House Freedom Caucus. He didn't issue support either way for the first vote, but voted 'Yes' today - emphatically explaining his support with reporters in the capitol. 

10th District Representative Barbara Comstock - Republican

Comstock, who represents much of Northern Virginia, was the only Virginia Republican representative to vote against today's bill. She also did not support the last attempted overhaul. 

11th District Representative Gerry Connolly - Democrat 

Connolly, who represents most of Fairfax county, did not support the AHCA the first time and voted 'No' today.