Governor Terry McAuliffe: The First 100 Days

Apr 22, 2014

Governor McAuliffe is touting his first 100 days in office and outlining the accomplishments achieved by his administration so far.  He delivered his remarks to state agency officials and cabinet secretaries at the Library of Virginia-and thanked them for the work they have done.  The Governor was especially enthusiastic about his pursuit of new economic development agreements. . . 


McAuliffe announced creation of nearly 5,000 jobs and said he had spent much of his time forging deals-since defense cuts have generated a need to diversify the state’s economy.

“I have met the ambassadors from Canada, Japan, Vietnam, and Great Britain, have hosted them all here in Richmond. I recently signed a new trade agreement with France.”

He also reached out to a wealthy Middle Eastern nation.

“And a week ago Sunday I hosted the foreign minister of Qatar because I heard that they were investing billions in infrastructure in the United States of America. And I heard that he would be traveling to Washington to meet with the Secretary of State.  So I called him, and said if you’re coming to the United States of America, you need to come to the REAL capital.”

The Governor spoke of reducing Hampton Roads tolls and a new law to give that region more local control over transportation projects.  He touted his ethics executive order that caps gifts to himself and his family. McAuliffe also praised a new law that provides more generous research and development tax credits and another that reduces the number of required SOL tests.