Got Eggs?

Feb 13, 2014

The winter weather had one writer asking last week, “What is it about snow that causes sudden cravings for milk and bread?”   Well, you could add eggs to that list of staples people seem to want on hand to weather a storm. 

For weeks, the case that normally holds Kroger’s organic eggs has been all but empty. Ernest Howard in charge of produce for Kroger stores in Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Roanoke.

"The weather is affecting us a lot right now.  Its just a terrible situation .. all the stars have to align so we can get back on track and that’s affect us greatly right now," said Howard.

Howard says organics sales at Kroger have taken off.  Sold under the store brand name “Simple Truth” a number of categories have been coming down in price, making the items competitive with non organics.  And that’s most of what has led to the shortage.

People are buying more organics.  “‘ Simple Truth” has taken off greatly. It’s a good deal so we’re working on that as we speak.