Getting Insurance After Open Enrollment

Apr 18, 2014

When the Affordable Care Act open enrollment deadline of March 31st came and went, many people were left with the impression that they would have to go without health insurance if they missed that enrollment period.  

But while it can be hard to find, there are ways that people may still be able to get some type of coverage—but it involves turning over some stones.

The Commonwealth Institute’s Michael Cassidy says those who are eligible can still enroll in two programs.

Not everyone can qualify, so there are some additional options other than

Although the premiums may be more expensive, you can not be turned away for preexisting conditions. Also, you may still be hit with a penalty for not enrolling on time, but it could be reduced based on the months that you went without insurance. The plan still must meet federal minimum essential coverage rules. But be forewarned, not all major carriers provide coverage outside the exchange, and they let you know once you begin the application process on their websites.  In fact, states that insurance companies may still sell private health plans outside the Marketplace in “some limited cases.”