Get Out the Vote

Oct 30, 2013

In an off-year election, when there are no presidential candidates, voter turnout is usually low. 

Polls may give the race to one candidate, but victory could go to another if he or she can get supporters to actually show up and cast a ballot. 

That’s why both Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe are campaigning this week with their party’s biggest stars. 

“It is my pleasure to introduce to you a great governor, a great leader, a man in the tradition of Ronald Reagan – Governor Bobby Jindal.”

Ken Cuccinelli rallied in Prince William County this week with one of the GOP’s more charismatic leaders.   Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  He praised the candidate, but said it was not enough to support him.

“We gotta’ vote.  We gotta’ get our friends and neighbors to vote.  We’re not in Louisiana.  I’m not going to tell you to go  vote multiple times.”

Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton continued a statewide stump with Terry McAuliffe, thrilling his fans in Charlottesville.  We talked with Devina Jackson , Sharon Beauford , Jim Barns, Rosa Ayres, Grace Charlton, Rebecca Graham and Sara Ho

“I thought he would just give kind of a short pitch, and the guy loves to talk, of course, and he’s brilliant and charming.  He’s so cool.  I look for him to be blowing his sax.  I’m about to cal my friend right now and tell him I met President Bill Clinton.  I’m pumped.  Oh he seems to be wonderful,  sweet , very funny.  He was president in 1995, and it’s really special for us.  Even my mom, who’s like a Republican, she’s totally a supporter of his.  Do you think any of that rock star quality is rubbing off on Terry McAuliffe?  Oh, definitely.”

The McAuliffe campaign  tells the Associated Press that President Obama will hit the campaign trail on behalf of Terry McAuliffe at a rally Sunday in Northern Virginia.

Four years ago, Republican Bob McDonnell beat his opponent, Democrat Creigh Deeds, by 17 percentage points, with just over 40% of Virginia voters turning out.