GA Meets for Veto Session

Apr 18, 2018


Credit MBandman / Creative Commons


Virginia’s House of Delegates met for a veto session Wednesday, lawmakers tried to override only one of Governor Ralph Northam’s vetoes.

The single measure that came up for a vote was a bill to prevent sanctuary cities. It was one of only ten the Governor vetoed. Democratic Delegate Alfonso Lopez, of Northern Virginia, spoke in favor of the veto on the House floor.

“The fear in my community and across the Commonwealth is real,” Lopez said. “Immigrants are avoiding police for fear that their contact might lead to deportation of a loved one.”

Governor Northam says the bill could have a negative impact on public safety. But Republican Delegate Ben Cline, who represents Lexington, disagreed.

“You know what could actually have a negative impact on public safety? Not enforcing the laws,” said Cline.

The vote fell along party lines. But with greatly diminished power, Republicans failed to override the veto. They also opted not to fight back against any others.  

Some of Northam’s other vetoes include a measure directing registrars to investigate some voter rolls, and a bill to prevent the Governor from joining a regional cap and trade program.

 This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.