Full Disclosure: Investments

Jul 15, 2014

Around the country, investor participation in the stock market has been declining over the past 15 years -- never mind the fact that equities keep setting records. This has dented the popularity of investment clubs, where members meet regularly to learn about markets and pool their money to invest.

This week on his Richmond-based show “Full Disclosure,” host Roben Farzad introduces us to one club full of mothers, aunts and grandmas still going strong since it began in 1996.  It’s the Women’s Investment Club of Richmond, known as “Wicker” (WICR.)

Full Disclosure Host, Roben Farzad

You can hear more about the club and the broader topic of investor sentiment (or lack there-of), on this week’s edition of “Full Disclosure.”   The episode is titled Tuning Out The Bull.