Former Governor's Second Day on the Stand

Aug 21, 2014

Testimony by former governor Bob McDonnell during his federal corruption trial consisted of his description of the breakdown of his marriage and pleading to his wife and co-defendant, Maureen, about her overspending. 

The morning was pretty solemn—and at one point, there was some much-needed comic relief when he was asked about his own purchases.
McDonnell testified that he did not know about the costs of the shopping sprees his wife enjoyed on Jonnie Williams' dime—and that neither Williams nor his wife informed him.  

He said Williams told them he knew Oscar De La Renta, and offered to buy her a dress for the former governor’s inauguration. McDonnell said he was dead-set against it and only learned about the exorbitant shopping sprees later.

He said he bought his wife things occasionally—typically paying 100-dollars or so—and bought his suits from Jos. A Bank. His attorney, with a chuckle, replied, "Oh so that's your tailor." But McDonnell did say he was away from his wife a lot, and he understood why she was emotionally drawn to Williams. He said his marriage had been put on hold, was marred by fighting, and had very little communication-- and since just before the trial, they'd been living separately.

He said she lit up around Williams, and since the former CEO was married with children, he did not question their relationship nor discourage their interaction.

Prosecutors will likely cross-examine him about why he allowed Williams to pay $15,000 dollars toward his daughter's wedding catering—and his acceptance of $70,000 in loans.