Federal Judge Rules VA's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

Feb 14, 2014

Reaction to federal Judge Arenda Wright Allen’s ruling that struck down Virginia's same-sex marriage ban was swift—with fervent discussion among Virginia lawmakers, a news conference from the state Attorney General who rallied against the law, and gay couples who try, but fail, on Valentine's Day to get marriage licenses. 


Attorney General Mark Herring says it’s a “great day for equality in Virginia.”   Herring says same-sex couples won’t be permitted to marry though as the case continues through more legal hurdles.  The judge stayed her ruling pending determination by a federal appeals court.

Governor McAuliffe Statement on Bostic v. Rainey Ruling

"I applaud the federal district court's decision to ensure all Virginians are treated equally under the law, no matter what their backgrounds are or whom they love. In order to grow our economy and attract the best businesses, entrepreneurs, and families to Virginia, we must be open and welcoming to all who call our Commonwealth home.  As this case continues through the judicial process, I will enforce the laws currently on the books, but this decision is a significant step forward in achieving greater equality for all of our citizens."