Election Day Hotline

Nov 4, 2013

The ACLU of Virginia has once again set up an election day hotline for voters who experience problems at the polls.

The organization will also respond to questions and provide information to voters should they need to cast a provisional ballot or if their votes are being challenged for some reason. 

The state ACLU says it’s also prepared to advocate on behalf of voters whose rights have been abridged.

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The Virginia ACLU says voters should be prepared before they get to the polls and remember to bring a valid form of ID, including utility bills, bank statements, paychecks, and driver’s licenses. Staff attorney Hope Amezquita says although the state approved a photo ID law this year, it does not apply to this election.

“The law that was passed in 2012 has an expansive list of IDs--is still in effect.  And we want to make sure that people don’t believe that they have to have a photo ID for this election.  That law does not go into effect until next year.”

Amezquita says common problems include making a mistake on a ballot, lack of access due to a disability, and being turned away if one is wearing clothing with political speech.

“A common issue is their name doesn’t appear on the poll book, but they believe that they’re registered at that precinct. So we would assist them in contacting maybe their county or city registrar to figure out:  one, where is their appropriate poll location if that’s not it, or why their name doesn’t appear—maybe it was an omission from that copy.”

The Virginia ACLU election day hotline number is (804) 644-8080.