DJ Sessions: Young Musicians Carry On Bluegrass Traditions

Jul 24, 2015

For this week’s edition of the Here & Now DJ Sessions, we sit down with Kinney Rorrer, longtime host of “Back to the Blue Ridge” on WVTF public radio in Roanoke, Virginia. He shares a number of young bluegrass musicians who are carrying on the music’s traditions, including 12-year old fiddle player Kitty Amaral.

Music From The Segment

Kitty Amaral, “Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase”


Corbin Hayslett, “Darling Cora”


Daniel Greeson, “Roanoke”


Big Country Bluegrass, “The Cotton Mill Song”


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  • Kinney Rorrer, host of Back To The Blue Ridge on WVTF in Roanoke, Virginia.

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