Creigh Deeds' Well Wishers turn to Music-and Twitter

Nov 20, 2013

State Senator Creigh Deeds is one lawmaker who frequently updates his Facebook and Twitter accounts with what music he’s listening to.  Well wishers are now using music to send him messages of love and support.

While campaigning for Governor in 2009, Creigh Deeds tweeted he was listening to the likes of Merle Haggard, U2, and Talking Heads.  But now, while recovering at UVA Medical Center from stab wounds in an assault at his home, he can see what his friends and followers are listening to in his honor.  It all started with Candace Bryan Abbey, a friend of the Deeds’ family.

“A friend reminded me on social media yesterday that it was probably going to be very difficult for Creigh and his family when they started looking at social media to see so many instances of his name linked with these just brutal headlines.  And it really made me think that there needed to be something happy for them to see on social media.”

Bryan Abbey tweeted she was listening to a little Jimmy Buffet to lift her spirits.  That was then retweeted and #CreighTunes was born. 

“I hope it makes Creigh smile a little bit and his family smile when they see it because I think it’s a fantastic way for people to just love him and support him during what has got to be an unimaginably difficult time.”

However, Bryan Abbey admits the show of support could be bitter sweet.

“I think that music is something that Creigh loved and he certainly shared that love of music with Gus.  Hopefully that one day can be a happy memory for him, that they shared that love for music.”

#CreighTunes has been tweeted by the likes of Senator Tim Kaine, political commentator Paul Begala and Donna Brazile, Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  The music selections also vary from Willie Nelson’s “Just Breathe” to Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”.  The Richmond Red Cross tweeted its employees were listening to James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend.”