Corruption Trial Day 9: Testimonies Continue to Depict an Unflattering Maureen McDonnell

Aug 8, 2014

Former first-lady Maureen McDonnell continues to be a focus in the corruption trial of she and former Governor Bob McDonnell. The ex-Executive Mansion director rendered in yesterday's testimony a not-so-flattering picture of Mrs. McDonnell. Virginia Public Radio’s Tommie McNeil has more from the U.S. District Court in Richmond.  

Dr. Frank Crantz

Sarah Scarborough, who is also a close friend of one of the McDonnell daughters, said she complained to others about Maureen’s erratic behavior. She said although the McDonnells did not appear to have a broken marriage, she thought ex-Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams' gifts to and interactions with Maureen were inappropriate. She also testified that she thought then-Governor McDonnell was in denial about Maureen's "mental capacity.” Scarborough said Maureen would use the Governor's name to get things done without his consent--even distributing samples of Williams' product on behalf of the Governor, when the orders came from Mrs. McDonnell. Scarborough also agreed that the Mansion held events to promote other businesses, such as Sabra Hummus Company.

Several doctors who were invited to the Mansion for a lunch about the product also testified.  One, Doctor Frank Crantz, said he was flown in by Williams-who appeared to have a familial relationship with the McDonnells.  Crantz said when a dinner afterwards lasted longer than expected, he accepted the Governor’s invitation to stay at the mansion overnight.