From the Campaign Trail

Sep 16, 2013

Virginia’s gubernatorial election this year will set the political stage for the federal elections next year and beyond. 

That’s the message of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who joined Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli for a fundraiser at the Richmond Marriott Monday.

The two elected officials both focused on the topic of big government versus free enterprise. 

Cuccinelli announced that he had just been endorsed by the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s political action committee. He added that many Virginians are looking for candidates who will fight against overreaching government.

“Are we going to push back?  Are we going to bring forward a set of ideas to compete with bigger government—especially as we begin to see that fall apart?”

Rubio said his Cuban parents came to the U.S. and succeeded because of the American dream… but that young people are now losing hope in that dream. He said big government policies hinder the ability of people to climb up the economic ladder—but that they prosper under the GOP’s principles.

“They are the ones that benefit from free enterprise. They are the ones that benefit from a free economy. They are the ones that benefit from those policies.  And we must once again reclaim that because it is true—it is who we are.  And you have a candidate here that is running for governor who embodies it in his policies and in his record.”

Outside, Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC and others held “Keep Ken Out” signs and protested Cuccinelli’s pro-life stance on reproductive issues.