Campaign Cash is Piling Up for Republican Senate Candidates

Apr 19, 2018

Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart is facing a tough fundraising challenge from state Delegate Nick Freitas.
Credit AP Photo / Steve Helber

The primary is only weeks away, and it’s not just the politics that’s heating up. It’s also the race for campaign cash.

The Republican primary for U.S. Senate is at the top of the ticket this year, and it’s a race that’s attracting top dollar donations. Delegate Nick Freitas says he’s raised about $350,000 so far this year in his race against Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, who raised $220,000 during that same time period.

Mark Rozell at George Mason University says the Freitas fundraising numbers reflect his growing stature.

“Normally I would be very surprised to see a candidate jump so quickly out to the front tier in fundraising as Nick Freitas has been able to do. But he became a bit of an internet sensation.”

An internet sensation because of a speech he gave during the General Assembly in which he blasted Democrats for being the party of slavery, Jim Crow and Massive Resistance.

Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington says Freitas is also benefiting financially from the wing of the party that opposes Donald Trump and his supporters.

“Make no mistake about it, he is doing better than he would be doing in terms of fundraising if this had been a race without Corey Stewart.”

Conservative preacher E.W. Jackson is also in the race, although campaign finance records show him trailing Stewart and Freitas.

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