The Book Brigade

Aug 28, 2013

It may not be easy to get friends to help you move, but hundreds of people showed up  in the summer heat to do just that. 

Residents of Crozet, Virginia – Charlottesville’s fastest growing suburb – stood in line to help the community’s tiny public library move to its new home.

The excitement was audible as books began to move from Crozet’s original library – which once served as a train station – to a new, much bigger building nearby.

John Hallidy, director of the Madison-Jefferson Regional Library, admits most of the 30,000 volumes were moved by truck, but about two hundred kids books were set aside for manual transport.

The new building will provide room for 75,000 books, up from 30,000, and some might doubt the need in this age of the Internet, but Halliday says computers and e-books are simply an add on to the library’s thriving core business.

And, he says, about 200,000 people showed up to use computers at the library.  The new building will offer 35 of them, along with WIFI .