Bill Bolling: A Look Back at His Eight-Year Career

Dec 30, 2013

He served as Virginia's Lieutenant Governor for eight years and as a state lawmaker for even longer—and now Bill Bolling is saying goodbye to public office.  In Part 1 of our retrospective series on the statewide officeholders, Bolling discusses his preparation for life in the private sector and the legacy he leaves behind. 

Bolling says he wanted to be Governor but does not regret his decision to NOT challenge Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for the GOP nomination. He WILL, however, miss the people, service, and working at the State Capitol.

He says he has a broader view through working with former Governor Tim Kaine and Governor McDonnell and wants people to remember that.

Another part of his legacy is as the state's Chief Job Creation officer.

While he will work in the insurance industry, Bolling says he will look for ways to stay engaged outside of elective office.

Bolling says although he doesn't envision being directly involved in the McAuliffe administration, he has offered his help should the Governor-elect need it.