The 1864 Overland Campaign

Apr 30, 2014

Some of the 26,000 Union wounded from Wilderness and Spotsylvania who passed through Fredericksburg in May 1864, turning the town into a “City of Hospitals.”

This weekend marks the 150th Anniversary of two history-changing battles fought in the Old Dominion during the Civil War, and there are a number of events scheduled to mark the historic clashes .

The Battle of the Wilderness and the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse were two of the first encounters between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant in the battle for Richmond. Lee’s Confederate, and Grant’s Union forces, would tangle in Spotsylvania for what is known as the beginning of the Overland Campaign.

Photograph of Union Generals Winfield S. Hancock, Francis C. Barlow, David B. Birney, and John Gibbon, taken during the Overland Campaign.
Credit National Archives & Records Administration

Tourism officials in the region want to help preserve history and remind people of the importance of the region, by holding a wide variety of events through the end of the week.  Officials are hoping many will walk away with a better sense of who they are and where their roots lie.

Events are taking place today through Sunday. There will be numerous reenactments this weekend along with historic interpreters, sutlers, music, special speakers, and vendors.  For more information about the 150th Commemoration events visit Spotsylvania, Virginia...Crossroads of the Civil War.