Tommie McNeil

Reporter, Richmond Bureau

Tommie McNeil is a State Capitol reporter who has been covering Virginia and Virginia politics for more than a decade. He originally hails from Maryland, and also doubles as the evening anchor for 1140 WRVA in Richmond.


Attached to State Budget
2:30 pm
Mon March 10, 2014

General Assembly Ethics Reform Package

While Virginia's former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife fight a host of charges that they contend broke no ethics laws, Virginia lawmakers have advanced a series of bills that give elected officials and lobbyists a clearer picture of what's legal and what isn't. 

State lawmakers sought to close some loopholes in existing law, while not making the requirements so burdensome that honest mistakes would be severely punished.

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Government & Politics
4:37 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Fox Pens Phase Out

A Virginia Senate bill that would limit the use of—and eventually phase out—the controversial practice of fox-penning has cleared another legislative hurdle.  

The bill, which is now a compromise version, would allow the state's 36 pens to remain open for 40 years but ban the creation of new ones. 

The measure would also cap the number of penned foxes statewide to 900—down from an average of 1200.

For those unfamiliar with the practice, trapped foxes are placed in large acre, fenced-in preserves, where dogs are allowed to chase them.

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Paying for Services
4:00 am
Mon March 3, 2014

Medicaid Expansion & Mental Health

Credit Kaiser Health News

As the effort continues to press the Virginia House of Delegates to jump on board with Medicaid expansion, mental health advocates are warning of what could happen if those who are uninsured remain so. 

One coalition says that while both chambers have made addressing mental health a priority this session, those who suffer from illnesses will still face many challenges if they do not have the means to pay for critical services.

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General Assembly
4:24 pm
Thu February 27, 2014

Making it Easier to Save for That First Home

If Governor McAuliffe signs the legislation, people will have more incentive to settle down in the Commonwealth. The Virginia Senate has just passed a House bill that allows those who are interested in purchasing a house for the first time to establish an interest-earning, home-buying savings account.

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General Assembly
4:24 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

Virginia Lawmakers Debate Religious Freedom in Schools

Virginia's House of Delegates has approved a Senate bill that may not become law, but has the makings of a legal battle if it does.  The bill affirms the First Amendment rights of students to religious expression in the public schools.  It also requires each school division to adopt a policy that allows students to express a religious viewpoint at any event in which a student is allowed to speak publicly.

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