Tab O'Neal

In addition to serving as local host during Morning Edition, Tab O'Neal also anchors the state and regional newscasts .

Tab began his broadcasting career in 1974 as an announcer and newscaster for a Las Vegas, NV radio station. From there he worked in both radio news and music in Salt Lake City, Southern California, Washington DC and Norfolk, VA. From February of 1990 to February 2011, Tab held a variety of on-air positions at Lynchburg/Roanoke's WSET-TV. At Channel 13, Tab was host of Good Morning Virginia and The Heart of Virginia; reported on area news; and was an NWA Certified Operational Meteorologist forecaster for the 6:00 & 11:00 PM newscasts.

Tab is also an artist, writer, poet and video producer.  As an avid NPR and WVTF/RADIO IQ listener, he enjoys putting his skills and talents to work on NPR’s Morning Edition.

The old way of keeping medical records on color-tabbed manila folders kept on rolling shelves is going away fast. It's being replaced with electronic records that patients can access as well. Tab O'Neal spoke with a doctor who says our medical records are as close as our computer.

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The mosquito-transmitted Zika virus is spreading through the Caribbean and South America and researchers say it is likely that at least some local populations of mosquitos in the US will become infected as well.

“Mosquito season has begun unfortunately, especially with these recent spring rains. Any time you have warm enough weather for breeding to occur, you’re going to be at risk for any of the diseases that mosquitos can carry,” says Barbara Leach, Horticulture Technician with Virginia Cooperative Extension in Roanoke.

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There is a route that starts on the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 78-point-4 and runs to the James River in Arcadia. This 13 mile path is known among birders as Warbler Road.  May is migration and nesting season for birds and somewhat of a migration season for birders. Tab O'Neal reports from an unmarked road off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

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Wrapping up this week is Virginia's General Assembly. Virginia's legislature meets just two months out of every year and part-time lawmakers from across the state will be leaving Richmond and heading back home soon. Also wrapping up there is our reporter, Mallory Noe-Payne -- who covered the General Assembly for the first time this year. She spoke with Tab O’Neal about her experiences.

Tab O’Neal: Start us off with a primer on how lawmaking happens.

Most owls are nocturnal and we're lucky to see them. We usually hear them.
That's the great horned owl with a "Who! Who!" we associate with owls. But these are the other owls in Virginia.

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That was the Barn, Eastern Screech, and Barred Owl.  According to Sabrina Garvin, Executive Director of Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center, those four raptors are not only majestic but vital: