Robbie Harris

WVTF/RADIO IQ New River Valley Bureau Chief

Robbie Harris is based in Blacksburg,  covering the New River Valley and southwestern Virginia. 

The former news director of  WBEZ/ Chicago Public Radio and WHYY in Philadelphia, she led award-winning news teams and creative projects.  Early in her career, she was the Humanities Reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio, and also served as a tape editor on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Robbie worked at New Jersey Public Television and WCAU/CBS TV in Philadelphia while she pursued  her Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  During college, she was a Page at Saturday Night Live in New York and a reporter and program host for Cross Country Cable Television in Somerville, NJ.  Robbie also worked at the Rutgers College Radio Station, WRSU and was part of the team which founded "Knight Time Television" at the university.


Solar Investment Tax Credit
4:06 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

Solar Market Growing in VA


If you think you’ve been seeing more solar panels on houses around Virginia, you’re right. Residential rooftop solar here grew at the same rate as the national average in 2014.

Solar electric power accounted for almost a third of the nation’s new energy generating capacity last year.  More than wind and coal for the second year in a row, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association. SEIA says residential continues to be the fastest growing market segment for solar in the U.S.

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Preserve Giles County
6:05 pm
Thu March 5, 2015

Anti-Pipeline Group Hosts Info Session, Fundraiser

The debate continues over the Mountain Valley Pipeline slated to run through parts of southwestern Virginia, carrying natural gas.  Some say it will be a benefit to the region and others disagree. 

This Sunday, the anti-pipeline group, Preserve Giles is holding an informational session at Newport Recreation Center. It’s part instructional and part fundraiser for the organization.

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Islamic Worlds Festival
7:35 am
Wed March 4, 2015

Explore the World of Islam in Blacksburg

Moroccan-born artist Lalla Essaydi’s stunning, large-scale photographs of Arab women confront gender and cultural stereotypes in powerful images that explore female identity through both Arab and Western lenses. Her photographs are on display now in the Francis T. Eck Exhibition Corridor through the festival.

Even though Muslims make up nearly a quarter of the world's population, the political, religious, historical, and cultural aspects of Islam are not known or understood by most Americans. The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech is hoping to play a part in changing that with an "Islamic Worlds Festival."

It will be a 360-degree view of the large and diverse world of Islam. Impossible to do, that is unless you focus the lens of the arts on this rich topic. 

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A Crown On Her Head
8:13 am
Mon March 2, 2015

The Dignity of Cleaning

Despite advancements in gender equality, women still do the majority of housework in the U.S.  It’s known as the ‘Second Shift’ - when they find themselves working late, like some secret, unpaid workforce. But some say it’s time to bring cleaning out of the closet, appreciate it for what it is, and treat it with the dignity it deserves. 

So what’s the secret to getting your house clean? Invite people over.  Something about the idea of company on the way focuses the mind. 

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Teaching Business Ethics
8:12 am
Wed February 25, 2015

In the Business of Teaching Ethics

Flickr user Pete Bellis
Credit Creative Commons,

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We’ve long known about the importance of teaching ethics in the classroom, but every so often we see it’s time for a refresher course.  

The financial meltdown that began in 2008 got a lot of people asking what went wrong on Wall Street.

“From Madoff to Stanford to AIG, Wall Street has become rife with corruption and greed, but where does all this filth come from? America’s business schools.”

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