Peter Van De Graaff

Peter Van de Graaff is the host of WVTF's overnight classical programming from the Chicago based Beethoven Satellite Network which is carried on approximately 150 radio stations across the U.S.

Overnight Classics on WVTF

The Beethoven Satellite Network is the all-classical service hosted by Peter Van De Graaff. Produced at WFMT's state-of-the-art broadcast studios in Chicago, radio outlets including WVTF air portions of the daily satellite feeds.

To view the playlist for our Overnight Classical programming click here.

Peter Van De Graaff, programs the service conservatively, while focusing on the standards of the repertoire, he doesn't hesitate to go beyond that and draws from the rich and varied music that comprises all of what we call "classical music." The Beethoven Satellite Network is the reliable and quality programming leader in classical music format service.