Michael Pope

Virginia Public Radio Reporter

Michael Pope is an author and journalist who lives in Old Town Alexandria. He has reported for NPR, the New York Daily News and the Alexandria Gazette Packet. He has a master's degree in American Studies from Florida State University, and he is a former adjunct professor at Tallahassee Community College. He is the author of four books.

Michael Pope

Control of the Virginia House of Delegates is up in the air, although Republicans currently have an edge on keeping their majority.

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Democrats are within striking distance of taking control of the House of Delegates. But as Michael Pope reports, they’re not there yet.

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The candidates vying to be Virginia's next governor campaigned across the state today with hopes of making one last appeal to voters before polls open tomorrow morning. 

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Voters are headed to the polls this week to elect a governor, a lieutenant governor and an attorney general. Plus all 100 seats of the House of Delegates. But how many voters will show up on Election Day?

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Voters are headed to the polls this month to vote for three statewide races and every member of the House of Delegates. But the electorate this year will not look like the one that turned out last year for the presidential election.