Anne Marie Morgan

Richmond Bureau Chief, Virginia Public Radio

Anne Marie Morgan whose reporting can regularly be heard on our Morning Edition and All Things Considered state and regional newscasts is one of the most experienced State Capitol broadcast journalists in Virginia.

In addition to providing content to Virginia Public Radio member stations, Anne Marie has also worked as an anchor and Capitol Reporter for the Virginia News Network.

She previously worked as State Capitol Reporter for WTVR-TV, WRIC-TV, and Virginia-PBS Television, where she hosted and co-produced a variety of television programs, including Capitol Views and Virginia Legislature: The Week. She also reported Virginia news for two national networks, USA Radio News and International Media Service News.

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General Assembly 2015
8:19 am
Tue January 27, 2015

Proposed Bill would Allow VA Governors to Seek Second Term

Senator Dick Saslaw argues for the resolution.

Virginia governors would be allowed to run for a second, consecutive term of office under a constitutional amendment that has passed the state Senate.  The revision would change a tradition that has left Virginia as the sole state in the nation to forbid its governor from running for re-election.  The 24 to 15 vote for passage did not break down along party lines. 

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Government & Politics
8:27 am
Wed January 21, 2015

Legislation Barring Some Immigrant Students from In-State Tuition Defeated

Senator Dick Black

Undocumented immigrant students who’ve been granted the federal status that defers them from deportation would still be able to qualify for in-state college tuition -- thanks to the Virginia Senate's defeat of legislation that would have barred them from receiving the less expensive rates. The bill was killed by a single vote following a lengthy floor debate.  

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General Assembly
7:48 am
Tue January 20, 2015

Party Agendas

Delegate Kirk Cox speaks about higher education bills
Credit Anne Marie Morgan

House of Delegates Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate held dueling news conferences at the General Assembly Monday to highlight their policy agendas. The Democrats focused on bills that they say will help reign in gun violence, while the Republicans emphasized what they called “kitchen table” issues.  

Democrats propose requiring background checks of ALL buyers at gun shows and restoring the one-gun-a-month law. Senator Barbara Favola’s bill prohibits those convicted of some domestic violence misdemeanors from having guns.  

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Combating Campus Sexual Assaults
7:23 am
Wed January 14, 2015

Bill Addresses Campus Sexual Assault

Lynchburg prosecutor Michael Doucette at the podium and Gil Harrintgon to his right.
Credit Anne Marie Morgan

Campus police would be required to notify their local commonwealth’s attorney within 48 hours of starting a sexual assault investigation under a bill that’s been introduced at the General Assembly.  Several measures have been proposed since November, when Rolling Stone magazine published allegations of rape at the University of Virginia.  This bill was first introduced several years ago to make public college campuses safer and help victims obtain essential support. 

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General Assembly 2015
7:24 am
Tue January 13, 2015

McAuliffe Advocates Equal Opportunity

Governor McAuliffe has unveiled a series of legislative proposals that he says would make Virginia more welcoming to businesses. The governor says his agenda would make the Commonwealth more inviting by guaranteeing equal treatment to ALL individuals under the law. 

McAuliffe says all state laws should reflect recent court authorization of same-sex marriage by changing references from “man and woman” or “husband and wife” to “spouse.” 

“We needed to make sure that we are open and welcoming and that we are not putting up walls around this great Commonwealth of ours.”

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