Opportunities/Internships at WVTF & RADIO IQ


WVTF/RADIO IQ internships are designed to further the student’s education and experience as well as receive hands-on training at a professional broadcasting operation. 

A college student in good standing is encouraged to apply as long as she/he is at least a rising junior or further along in their undergraduate education or in graduate school.  A communications, journalism, broadcasting or related major or minor is desirable but not required.  Experience in college media such as a campus radio station, television lab, web site or student newspaper is desirable but not required.

There are two types of internships offered at WVTF/RADIO IQ:

  • Regular Academic Schedule Internship during the Fall and/or Spring semesters.  Academic credit or school sponsorship is required.
  • Summer Internship sponsored by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters (8 week paid internship). Requires application with the VAB. Final candidate selection is made by us. Details below.

Based upon interest and/or academic discipline students may be placed in the following areas:

  • News (reporting & audio production, web posting)
  • Broadcast Operations (internal traffic, automation, non-news production, digital media)
  • Engineering/Technical Support (transmitter & studio maintenance, physical plant, audio/satellite)
  • Development/Marketing/Public Relations (sales, community outreach, promotional events)
  • Office/Business Management (finances, bookkeeping, customer service)

Application process:

  1. Students should contact the internship coordinator by Email.
  2. Students will be provided an application form to fill out and return via Email. Students who apply for the Virginia Association of Broadcasters’ Summer Internship program will also have to fill out a VAB application (details below).
  3. Students found to be qualified will be interviewed by the internship coordinator and by the head of the department in which the student has expressed an interest.
  4. Following successful interviews, the student will have to provide a photo-copy of his/her student college ID and driver’s license. She/he will also have present written proof that the student will receive academic credit or other school acknowledgement for completing the internship. VAB summer interns are exempt from the academic credit requirement.

Virginia Association of Broadcasters’ Summer Internship

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB) offers paid Summer Internship Programs available to students entering their Junior or Senior year only at a college or university that offers undergraduate classes in the following courses of study:  Computer Science, Business, Electronic Media, Engineering, Graphic Design and Mass Communications including Advertising, Journalism (print or broadcast), Marketing and Public Relations.  

The VAB Summer Internship is an 8-week program beginning in early June and ending in late July or early August.  All interns should plan to work 40-hours per week at and hourly wage.  Around 30 students statewide will be selected for the program and all interns will be placed at a radio or television station in Virginia including WVTF & RADIO IQ.  Every effort is made to place a student in their geographical area of preference; however, this cannot be guaranteed.  

Only students who are Virginia residents OR a non-resident student currently attending an accredited college or University in the state of Virginia are eligible for the Summer Internship Program.
WVTF/RADIO IQ participates in the VAB Summer Internship program. To apply, please register through this link which also has additional information about the program.

Please Note: Registration deadline is mid February of each year but check with the VAB for exact date.