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Aedes aegypti is the dog of the mosquito world. It acts as if it's man's best friend.

"It's been with us for a long time, probably for at least 5,000 years when we started keeping water next to our homes [ideal for laying eggs] and it's adapted to people," says Marten Edwards, an entomologist at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. "It loves us. It loves our cities. It loves our blood. It functions very well with us."

There's just one problem. This mosquito makes us sick.

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She was 27, a mother of two, and this week she became the latest journalist murdered in Mexico, continuing a dark story of crimes against the press in a country grappling with entrenched cartel power.


There's a Chinese man who decided to disappear on his own. He's a cartoonist who goes by the pen name: Badiucao.

I follow global political cartoons here at The World, so I've known about Badiucao since he went into exile in Australia a while back.

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Parliament in London has written its laws down on vellum parchment since it was first summoned in 1264. But that is all set to end on April 1, when it switches to parchment paper.

What’s the difference? Vellum, made from calf-skin, will last thousands of years, without any special treatment. It’s also waterproof. Parchment paper will only last perhaps 250 years, if kept under optimum conditions.

The change is being introduced as a cost-cutting measure.

Sarah Hodgson is one of several MPs fighting the change. She’s seen and handled laws, ancient and modern, herself.

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No matter where they are located, most refugee camps need an army of volunteers to help with distributing blankets, clothing, and especially food and water.

Some of those volunteers are particularly committed.

For years, Ghafoor Hussain has been offering his time to help feed and clothe the needy. Last fall, he traveled from his home in Stockton-on-Tees in northeast England to migrant camps in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.