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Longtime listeners recognize Jacki Lyden's voice from her frequent work as a substitute host on NPR. As a journalist who has been with NPR since 1979, Lyden regards herself first and foremost as a storyteller and looks for the distinctive human voice in a huge range of national and international stories. She is the current Weekend All Things Considered host.

Guy Raz is the host of TED Radio Hour on our RADIO IQ and RADIO IQ With BBC News network of signals, a co-production of NPR and TED that tackles astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems and new ways to think and create. Each radio show is based on talks given by riveting speakers on the renowned TED stage, bound together by a common theme such as the thrill of space exploration, going to extremes, the source of happiness or 'when rights goes wrong' in our justice system.

Jacques Coughlin

TED Radio Hour on RADIO IQ & WVTF

Ted Radio Hour on RADIO IQ & RADIO IQ With BBC News Saturday afternoons at 2:00 and WVTF Tuesday evenings at 7:30.

General Assembly
4:36 pm
Mon March 11, 2013

Stormwater Regulations

A recent lawsuit that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli won against the EPA over its stormwater regulations has drawn attention to the challenges inherent in curtailing stormwater runoff.  

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4:35 pm
Mon March 11, 2013

Bald Eagle Released

A female bald eagle has been released in the Northern Neck of Virginia after recovering from injuries. Onlookers came for a variety of reasons, some quite personal.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has become famous for patching up injured bald eagles. A team from the center arrived at the Rappahannock River Wildlife Refuge to an exuberant crowd anxious to witness the bird’s flight back to freedom.

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Government & Politics
3:41 pm
Mon March 11, 2013

VaNews from VPAP, 3.11.13

The two top contenders to be governor of Virginia talked about the weather last week while a Republican delegate decided he’d seen enough of politics. Both those stories were among the most clicked on Virginia Public Access Project’s VaNews link at Fred Echols reports.

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We feature three ISDN equipped studios in Roanoke and one in Charlottesville with staff from our operations' department available at each location. We can connect with any studio that is ISDN equipped anywhere in the country or overseas.  In addition to ISDN, our Roanoke studios are able to connect using Tieline digitized POTS (standard phone line) connection. All studios are capable of doing "phone-syncs" (aka tape-syncs). We can also record digitally, do post-production work, and upload audio to an FTP site.

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Civil War Series
4:54 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

How the war began

The Road to War

The Civil War remains the most violent event in our nation’s history.  In the very first of our Civil War series which aired on WVTF and is now a podcast, Virginia Tech history professor James Robertson examines how the North and South got into the bloody conflict in the first place.  

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