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Recent remarks by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump have certainly gotten attention.  But some say getting these issues on the public agenda is a good thing. 

Portrayal of Women in American Culture

Oct 13, 2016
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The image of women in the context of American society took center stage this week.  It’s a subject world-renowned artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman-Leeson has been exploring for fifty years.  And it’s a theme in her groundbreaking film Women, Art, Revolution.

Students Beat Voter Registration Deadline

Oct 12, 2016

Students provided an important margin of victory when Barack Obama first ran for president, and as the deadline for voter registration approaches, volunteers are stepping up their efforts on college campuses.  Sandy Hausman paid a visit to Virginia Commonwealth University and found plenty of activity.

On a brisk autumn afternoon Chade Ferguson – a communications major – is flexing her vocal muscles – signing up dozens of students to vote.

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Attorney General Mark Herring was in Roanoke today to announce the newest step in his plan to battle the growing heroin and prescription opioid crisis in the state.

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Congress has now gaveled out of session until after the election, but that doesn’t mean they finished all their homework. Virginia’s lawmakers have played a key role in negotiating an overhaul of the nation’s criminal justice system. 

But for the time being, that bipartisan effort has stalled out.