Loudoun, Chesterfield Counties Lead in Job Growth

Jun 15, 2016
Creative Commons/neetalparekh

New numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show two Virginia jurisdictions leading the nation during the early part of this year. 

Seeds Before Pipelines: Sowing Seeds of Resistance

Jun 14, 2016
Peter Aaslestad

A coalition of environmental advocacy groups contends that the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline was canceled in large part because of strong citizen protest that caught the president’s ear. In Virginia, opponents of several proposed natural gas transmission lines are looking to the success of those groups to help prevent them from being built here. 

Environmental advocates are using a variety of approaches communicate what their problem is with pipelines, and it can be summed in just a few words:

Virginia's First Floating Bridge Adds to Park's Allure

Jun 14, 2016

Charlottesville spent decades debating how to assure the city’s water supply.  This year, the Ragged Mountain Reservoir opened, and the city announced a bonus – more than 900 acres of wooded land for hiking, birding, fishing and crossing the only bridge of its kind in Virginia.  Sandy Hausman has details.

Hear Their Words: Virginians Who Support Donald Trump

Jun 14, 2016
Steve Helber / AP

More than 300,000 Virginians voted for Donald Trump during the state’s Republican primary. Virginia will be a key player in the upcoming presidential election, and Trump knows that. He visited Richmond last week for a rally, and vowed to come back.

Associated Press

Last week Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was granted the rare audience of the entire US Congress, and Virginia lawmakers were listening especially closely.