The Art of Healing the World

Jul 14, 2016

The violent events of the past few weeks echo those of recent months, years and decades. And with each one, people ask; what is the way out of this vicious cycle?  How do we stop it?  How do we cope?  Robbie Harris has this story of how a Blacksburg artist and a mother who has suffered a terrible loss answer those questions. 

The Painter, Jane Vance creates vibrant, intricate pieces that are beautiful to look at but what they a also do is speak to the viewer in a style she calls ‘visual journalism.” 

Upenda Kanda / Creative Commons

Even before Donald Trump got in hot water for his remarks about a Mexican American judge and implicating President Obama in the Orlando attack, House Republicans were planning to unveil their own agenda this summer.

Virginia has three venomous snakes: the Northern Copperhead, the Eastern Cottonmouth and Timber Rattlesnake. They share the distinctive characteristics of producing venom, having heat-sensing facial pits, and hinged fangs. Tab O'Neal reports.

    The Wintergreen Nature Foundation

Britt Reints / Creative Commons

The debate over the Confederate flag is still raging in Washington, where elected officials are clashing over where and when it’s appropriate to display the Confederate flag.

fs-phil / Creative Commons

Local health departments are warning that this is baby bat season, increasing the risk of contracting rabies. More than fifty people have been treated in one public health district alone.