7:46 am
Thu June 25, 2015

Virginia Baseball Wins First National Title

The College World Series logo during UVA batting practice.

  The University of Virginia baseball program made history with its first national title, the first baseball championship for the Atlantic Coast Conference since 1955.  In the deciding game of the best-of-three finals, the Cavaliers defeated Vanderbilt, 4-2.

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Law & Crime
6:54 am
Thu June 25, 2015

Truckers Against Trafficking

Credit Creative Commons

The FBI and Virginia’s law enforcement agencies have a new ally in their efforts to combat sex trafficking. As result, this partnership will lend potentially thousands of eyes and ears in places that police may not frequent, but truckers do, and pimps target.

"Truckers Against Trafficking" provides awareness and tools to those in the industry about signs of sex trafficking. The truckers and law enforcement have been exchanging ideas about the challenges associated with catching sex traffickers and best practices to combat it.

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Part 2: Home Grown Business Idea
4:00 am
Thu June 25, 2015

More from Floyd's Kinder, Gentler Shark Tank

Leah Rodriguez of "Petals and Leaves Nursery" with her daughter, Lily Strong.

 Small, rural communities can have a tough time attracting large employers; so some are looking to spur local business development from the ground up. In Floyd, Virginia, they held a competition offering prizes for the best business plans.

Yesterday we heard from the first place winner, who’ll now be able to take her natural and organic body care products to the next level. 

Today, in part 2 of our series….we meet the second place winner with another home grown business idea. 

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Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech
1:51 pm
Wed June 24, 2015

The Tweet Seats

Credit Virginia Tech

Pull out your phone in a live theatrical performance, and you might get the stink eye, or even a request to leave. But given the unavoidable technological climate, some theatres, including the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, are beginning to experiment with Tweet Seats, where patrons can safely share their ideas and thoughts about the performances, free from any menacing glares.  

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Economics & Economy
10:55 am
Wed June 24, 2015

Virginia Reaps Benefits of Budget Surplus

Finance Secretary Ric Brown addresses the Senate Finance Committee
Credit Anne Marie Morgan

After facing a $439-million shortfall at the end of the last state fiscal year, the Commonwealth is poised to reap the benefits of an improving economy with a multi-million-dollar budget surplus. State employees, college faculty, teachers, and State Police troopers also stand to gain.

Finance Secretary Ric Brown said annual revenues have grown by 7.3%—ahead of the 4.7% forecast. 

“If that were to continue—that variance—through June 30th, it’s worth about $427 million dollars.”

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