A Little Thanksgiving Inspiration

Nov 23, 2016
Courtesy of Fire, Flour and Fork

If you don’t already have your Thanksgiving meal prepped and ready to go, don’t worry -- it’s not too late. Reporter Mallory Noe-Payne attended a “Friendsgiving” in Richmond and brings us this last-minute inspiration. 

When Cats Attack

Nov 23, 2016
hkase / Flickr

A new study from the Wildlife Center of Virginia could change the way some people care for their pets.  The center’s director is now urging people to keep outdoor cats inside.

Aquatic Detectives' Surprising Find

Nov 22, 2016
Stream Watch

Six volunteers from Albemarle County are winning praise for solving a mystery that could have caused a public health crisis.  Sandy Hausman reports on what stream watchers found near a community of 12-thousand people called Lake Monticello:

Leaders in Arlington are settling a federal lawsuit against a jail for failing to offer services to a deaf inmate. As Michael Pope reports, the settlement could have consequences for jails across Virginia -- and the United States.

Plant Molecule in Solution Lowers Blood Sugar

Nov 22, 2016

An acid found in fruits and vegetables actually helps lower blood sugar in humans.  But you have to eat four and a half servings every day to get the benefit. Most people don’t come close --and that can set them up for inflammation related diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes.